Over the years, we've presented search marketing strategies to many different clients from a wide range of industries including retail, food & drink, health and automotive. There's always a challenge in these presentations as some clients "get" search marketing but some don't and that's absolutely fine. 

The challenge to us is to be clear, easy-to-follow and to answer the "grey area" questions. One of the biggest questions we're asked tends to be - "Why do we actually need Search Engine Optimisation?".

Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term strategy

If you have a website, then you already see a value in having an online presence but if nobody gets to see your beautiful creation, it's pretty much pointless. But the downside is that then, doubt arises and you'll see less and less value in investing in SEO services as your website "doesn't work" anyway. 

Why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

If SEO (also known as organic search) is done well, you'll find that the majority of your traffic will land on your website at the point of best content. In fact, one of our websites that attracts nearly 1 million unique users a year has approx 80% of its traffic enter the website from elsewhere other than the homepage. 

The benefit to you as a business is that the user doesn't have to work to get the content they want, it's presented to them in a user-friendly and engaging way which increases conversions - whatever they might be for your business.

You will have an ambition as a business and clear objectives whether it's selling products, services or increasing your brand awareness. Getting your content and brand in front of the right people is critical in increasing your sales and market position - and destroying the competition! 

How do you know my audience?!

Everything we do - be it design, development, strategy or search - starts with research. In the case of search marketing, we research our client's audience, potential and market opportunities. This gives us a clear foundation to begin with. From then, it's all about learning and understanding your audience and then optimising for your audience. It's not just about nicely worded META data and unique titles. ;)

How much does it cost?

SEO pricing is varied and depends on what your objectives are, your expectations and the scope of work involved. Sorry if you were expecting a straight up rate card! ;) 

There are many things involved in SEO such as keyword research, content optimisation, conversion analysis, health optimisation and more. We take a good look at what's need to achieve what you want out of it and we put a plan together.