Three years on from launch, the Wanago UK website has regular users and attracts search engine traffic from many different sources across a wide spectrum. Despite this, overall traffic and community growth has ground to a halt. Our brief was simple. To increase user engagement, satisfaction and enthusiasm for the brand.

First came the research and industry awareness. It was clear that there are many websites and apps out there that offer a similar service - a radial search that displayed the usual ball pools, museums and major attractions. So what could we do different? We had to understand where Wanago's place in the market was. isn't just about ball pools and museums, it's about the free promotion of local events, attractions and activities. Giving everyone the opportunity to try something different and to explore what the UK has to offer.

Inspired by Ade Edmondson's 'Ade in Britain' and Ozz Clarke's & James May's 'Drink to Britain', Wanago UK was born to highlight the amazing, unique traditions and immense culture that we have to offer making it easier for people to inherit.

After understand the existing audience, user-experience and brand position we decided to simplify. The amount of resource to create unique, valuable content for each attraction, day out and event just wasn't available. By simplifying the design, stripping back to the features users actually used and removing 'clutter', we refocused our energy on emphasising that Wanago UK is for all ages.

It was no longer designed to target young parents and their toddlers, it was now targetted at all demographics that wanted to find something to do. We kept the vibrant key colour and used imagery to add contrast and ethusiasm.

Nothing's flashy, nothing gets in the way - it's simple, easy-to-use and extremely quick to find something, save it to 'ideas' and ready for scale.